The First-Time Buyer Guide by Gaby Mendes

The First-Time Buyer Guide

Get educated on the house buying process!
The First-Time Buyer Guide is here to help you get educated on the house buying process. If you're looking to purchase your first home in the next three years, this course will help you prepare! 

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Course Outline

Module 1: The House Buying Process
Module 2: Saving For A Deposit
Module 3: Affordability
Module 4: Choosing Your Home
Module 5: The Mortgage Application
Module 6: The Legal Process
Module 7: Moving In

By signing up to the course you'll have access to:

  • A breakdown of the House Buying Process into easy manageable chunks

  • Support from a recent first-time buyer, sharing all her experiences, what went well and what she wished she'd done differently, ensuring you take the right steps.

  • Support from an Independent Mortgage Advisor who specialises in helping first-time buyers get on the property ladder.

  • 7 'lessons' covering the different steps in the house buying process from the perspective of a first-time buyer, including Saving For a Deposit, Affordability, Choosing Your First Home, The Mortgage Application, The Legal Process and Moving In.

  • Useful videos to provide guidance on saving and what to look out for at a viewing.

  • A 'mortgages jargon' help sheet, to help you with the new terminology you're going to need to get used to hearing!

  • 3 checklists including:
    • An overall house-buying checklist 
    • A 'moving in' checklist to help you think of all the things you might need before moving into the property
    • An address change checklist (so you can update everyone necessary with your new address)


Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at people in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland who are thinking about or looking to buy their first home within the next three years. 

Do I have to be a twenty-something to enrol?

Of course not! Talk Twenties is the name of our business purely because we believe there is a huge gap in support and education for people stepping into the adult world. No matter your age, if you are looking to educate yourself on the process of buying your first home, this is the course for you.

Will the course be kept up to date?

Yes, things change regularly and we will ensure we keep up to date with any appropriate changes. You will always see the most up to date version of the course no matter when you purchased it!

I've almost saved my deposit, will this course be useful?

Yes, absolutely. In this course we talk you through the full process of buying your home. We cover all the steps from, calculating your affordability, choosing the right home, making an offer, the mortgage application, the legal process all the way to moving in!  

I'm just starting to save for my deposit, am I ready to access this course?

You can never be too informed about the process. Module 1 takes you through an overview of the house-buying timeline. Module 2 will support with hints and tips for saving for a deposit. Module 3 will set you up for success on knowing what criteria you'll need to meet to get a mortgage. Modules 4-7 you can come back to when you're ready to start viewing properties. Remember this course will always be kept up to date with the relevant information and no matter when you purchase, you'll have access to the most up to date version of the course.

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